My methods of dealing near stress..please put in on or detail me ones to stop.?

this is the list within the order of which I do it

1) converse to myself saying everything will be alright
2) cry
3) almost hyperventillate, after start breathing normally again (this one I can't a moment ago happens)
4) Punch an inanament (sp?) object repeatedly
5) work out
6) agree to the endorphins kick contained by and take my dogs for a hike
7) relax and paint my nails a pretty blue color

All of your methods look natural except for the hyperventilating. That can be very startling and it may be an indication of an anxiety disorder. In my own personal experience, I start to hyperventilate, sometimes cry and then I might enjoy a panic attack. The hyperventilating is a sign of hysterics.

Some other things that will help your stress height that you may not be thinking of...

1. Vitamin B Complex - B-vitamins are the "stress" vitamins. When our bodies go through the demands of stress, the B-vitamins and other nutrients are the first things to run. Our bodies not only involve specific nutrients to combat stress, but we must also replace the nutrients that stress directly uses up.

2. Sleep - 7 to 9 hours of restful, uninterrupted sleep is a MUST during times of high stress and anxiety. Its the path our body repairs itself!

3. Manicures/Pedicures/Massages - all righteous things and totally relaxing.

4. Talk it out with a trusted friend.

The approach you deal next to stress can be in your genes (we can't relieve it!) or it can simply be from a situation. It can also be related to the seasons, big duration events or even depression.

I'm sure you know but I have to influence it anyway...alcohol and recreational substances will make your stress track worse then it wants to be in the long run. They are depressants.

**I close to the punching thing, I'll enjoy to use that next time. ;-)
correct but masturbation REALLY helps
Hyperventillating doesn't do any polite - just make you more panickiy.
Hitting stuff isn't good if the reason, or your hand, breaks. Maybe you could hit a punching rucksack?
Everything else looks good. Taking the dogs for a wander or working out is a great idea.
Oh yeah, and masturbation is also honourable stress relief too.

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