21/f Am I too fuzzy?

Anyone out there close to me? I feel depressed...my hormones are fine ...Just wonderign if this is middle-of-the-road?

Here is a link:


Well you own more than average girl but it's nothing gross or freakish. You're conventional.
Omg I have remarkably hairy arms. I don't no iif your too fuzzy but all you can really do is in recent times shave/wax whatever lol..

Take nurture x
no just bring back a tan.
doesn't give the impression of being hairy to me. i conjecture you are perfectly middle-of-the-road.

You can get a suntan and it would not appear so much but you might as well newly shave it off if its bugging you.or wax, nair, etc.
Good Day,
You own the normal amount of curls as most women you are not overy hairy sweetie.. As for the arms only just notice. But if you are not comfy beside the hair..
As most will read aloud...Try waxing, Nair,Veet, to remove unwanted spine..

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