Girls are so high currently taller than me but how come wreak...?

I live in the UK and am 5ft 8 not growing any more. Anyhow they influence the average here is 5ft 4 for a girl and 5ft 9 for guys. I dont believe that for a minute!! Everyday for the past few months I stand in the vicinity girls at the train station, bus stop etc. etc. And they are NOT wearing heels. The vast majority are taller than me! What's going on. The average can't be 5ft 4 for girls here. Its gotta be 5ft 7 minimum. But whats going on girls are going huge. I grain so short even around girls here!! Any girls from UK? How tall are you? Compared to other guys u know??

i know how you consistency, even if im a girl myself, everone these days are super towering, and im only 5'2" i donno whay they are getting so elevated
ur defianlty not short. im only 5ft but every one else seem sooooooo much taller then me. i dont acquire it either!
I am from the U.S and i am 5'9 and single 15. I agree that a lot of american women are shorter. I regard it just have to do with the different folks living in unshakable areas.
its got to be somthing surrounded by the water

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