14 and haven't have my persiod since Nov '06.?

I haven't had my spell since November, and it was never regualted to fire up with. I enjoy not engaged into any sexual activites. What could be wrong?

hey..its mundane when you are a teenager...simply don't stress yourself out - your body's trying to get use to the change...the longest my period stopped for when i be your age was 7 months..it with the sole purpose stabilized when i went historic the age of 16...and it's pretty regular now...if you are really worried give or take a few it, go see a doctor and she'll explain it to you contained by medical terms =D
Nothing. Your extent is going to be whacky the first few years. Just enjoy anyone period free when you can. :)
Nothing is wrong! You're going to be irregular for a while, it's without fault normal. If you're still worried around it you can ask your doctor about prescribing a low-hormone birth control pill.
Its mundane when you are in your teens. If you haven't have a physical lately though, it might not be a bad model. Just to make sure everything is going the agency it should in your nouns. Aside from that, you can ask your doctor any questions pertaining to your length and it won't seem stupid. He's probably hear many strange question over the years. Its good to ask question and get the facts straight. Good luck.
my cousin is 14 and shes merely like that.
she hasnt have hers since March, though.
shes normal.
be in motion to the doctor for it.
just craft a checkup.
It's probably nothing. It's unbelievably common to own only a few term a year when you first get your period. It's just an young hormone imbalance surrounded by your body.
Another possibility if this continues for a couple of years is a diagnosis of PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). Sometimes people simply get period every few months. I think that given your age it's a short time ago that you have an fresh pituitary axis and not enough hormones to support the menstruation. If you're still concerned see your pediatrician.

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