Paranoid around attracting guys freshly because of my breast size?

I know a lot of girls travel through the same point. It obvious when guys agree to you... no matter what quality of clothing you wear they stare at them. I really hate sensation that guys only discuss to me because I have roomy breasts (DD). I now find myself extremely faze by it and I never give any guy a randomness because I am so paranoid about it... Even when I do grant a guy and chance and we run to the sexual level I despise when they spend alot of time on my boobs and make them stop focusing on that nouns. Guys, what can I do differently to stop attracting guys just wanting to ogle the merchandise? Girls, How do other women deal near it? Any suggestion on how to stop my paranoia?

Unless they are being suggestive they imply no disrespect. This is coming from a guy. I love good conversation as much as sex (well, I don`t know not). But it is very fundamentally hard not to whip a few glances at a woman next to a beautiful digit...especially if he doesn't think he will see you again. If you are interested, make conversation to him. If he is interested in knowing more give or take a few you, you will know soon enough.
wow... I deduce you're crazy lol... I wish I have your problem, and so do most girls. Look every one has their plusses and minuses, some girls enjoy big butts, some girls have long legs, some girls hold pretty faces, one of your plusses in recent times happens to be your boobs, so what. You should be proud of them and use them to your authority hell I know I would.
If you want to know if a guy likes you for YOU and not your breasts, chitchat to them.

Say "yeah, my breasts are bothering so much I'm going to get a breast slimming down, to a B cup". Watch their reaction. If they look put bad or disgusted they are talking to you for your boobs. If they sympathize, it could simply be an act, but they might be sincere and worth chitchat to more.

When I was a J cup I have to deal near it all the time and I detested it. I also had posterior pain and other form issues so I got a breast downgrading covered by insurance to a C cup and I'm much happier. People talk to ME and not my breasts.
guys resembling different things. some men like 'em small, some men resembling em big some like blonde some approaching brunette some like voluptuous some similar to skinny. if u had blonde tresses would u dye it brown because u didnt want a guy to date u for ur hair. if ur skinny would u gain cargo because u didnt want a guy to date u for ur body. if hes talking to u and taking u out and wanting to hold sex with u its because u enjoy what he likes and requests. why cant u see the positive in that? i penny-pinching i have a big a55 and my husband literally turns me around at the waist so he can get hold of a better look at it. do u think i read out," No, honey look at my face" hell naw. if he likes it afterwards i love it. not every man likes DD's and not every woman have them. u need to exult what's unique almost u. You cant even enjoy your breast sexually, thas crazy. You gotta ponder differently about your boobs. Because adjectives men oogle women for all kindsa different reason, some like legs, some enjoy foot fetishes, the chronicle goes on and on.

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