21 tab contraceptive pills?

im just wondering if it is secure to have sex inside the 7 days interval of not taking the pills. what i mean is that, after my 21 tab there should be 7 days rest time of year of not taking the pill before taking another set. and also inside that period i may own my menstruation usually on the 5th day. so, is it ok to own sex even though im not taking the pill within that length? tnx=)

your doctor should have explained this to you.It is also explained surrounded by the leaflet that comes within the box with the pill

Anyway...if you took your pill correctly for the 21days (ie you took it in good time, you had no diarrohea or vomiting inside the 4 hours after taking the pill, no antibiotics etc)then you are perfectly fine to hold sex on the 7 pill free days
this is what the pill is for, if you take it per the instructions, 21 days on and 7 stale you should not get pregnant. You are supposed to hold that 7 day not taking the pill. Many pills own a 28 day pack to you are in actuality taking "fake" non hormone pills for 7 days
If you have be taking the pills consistently then you are protected during the seven daylight break. But if you missed a pill in the week beforehand the break then you want to use condoms too until you have have seven active pills contained by a row after the break.

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