Adults I majority? (sex)?

Hello all, I be just wondering if it be normal for a 23 year elderly to climax through intercourse every time she makes love next to her fiance...I do this all the time, and most of my girfriends share me they have a firm time climaxing every i normal or not?!?!?!

yes it mundane
Your very commonplace. Don't worry more or less it. Just wear a condom till you get married.
its conventional and it may also be more likly because he's you fiance
I think it's intensely "normal". With sex, there if truth be told is no "normal". It all depends on the women's arrousal at the time of intercourse or what you prefer. I climax every time and more than once! If you hold great communication with your nouns and you both talk roughly speaking what you like i.e. within bed, then you should be reaching climax! :) Don't verbs about your gfs. Their a moment ago! jk.
Yes, it is commonplace. Especially when you are in a loving perceptive relationship. When you are in a relationship approaching that it tends to kind you more relaxed about things when you are have sex. Therefore you are more likely to climax everytime.
Sure you are!
You're lucky, various women don't, but they are normal too.

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