My friend told me that she woke up having an orgasm but she didnt remember dreaming just about anything is this normal?? have this happened to you??

Wet dreams? Sure! I orgasm surrounded by my sleep quite commonly, and usually can't remember my dreams.

At least when girls come contained by their sleep it's a lot smaller amount messy than guys having a drizzling dream!
I'm uncertain of how adjectives the "female 'wet' dream" is, but I can transmit you that I've experienced this at least twice. Both times I own no recollection of what I was dreaming give or take a few, I just woke up mid-orgasm, approaching it woke me up.
Lol. Yes this has happen to me a few times.
As far as I know,it's fine.
However awkward it may be =D
Yes, normal, yes it have happened to me...should we adjectives be so lucky tomorrow morning!!
Its totaly normal, it happen to everyone.

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