Question for girls?

Ok I been shaving my armpits beside a good cut-throat and so I put on deoderant on it stings. My mom says it is blade burn and I believe her but is there any deoderant that doesn't take home the razor burn sting or cream?

Try looking for a deoderant for sensitive skin. Secret carry one I think. You deoderant is lately probably too strong or is not just right for u
What thoughtful of deodorant are you using? I use Dove and I've never had that problem. Try using a better deodorant.
i use dove i cant use any other charitable makes me burn too use dove deorant or try it i hold not had anyprobs near it yet is made for sensetive skin
try to stay away frm gel and fluid deodorants, solid works best, i use secret and dove

well brought-up luck, i hope it works

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