(Girls only)?

Its pretty sad how i wont progress to anyone like mi mom or sisters but i be in motion to mi friends but there really no give support to. i really juss wanna no howcome i havent got mi second extent yet?Mi first one be in october and it finished in november for roughly 5-6 days and now its july and i havent gotten mi second one..please relief! and it it normal!? and is it becuz i masturbate?

not every girl is regular from time one of their first period.
it have nothing to do near masterbation, just your body developing. i wouldn't verbs too much, it'll come.

if it's been a year, afterwards i'd see a doctor.
It has zilch to do with masturbating. When you first return with it, it tends to be extraordinary. Give it a year. If you don't get it, I'd see a doctor.
It is faultlessly normal for you to catch the one and then not hold another for months. As puberty continues you will regulate.
If you are just starting out near having period what you are experiencing with irregularity is usual. This occurs because of the reality that the body is still trying to adjust to the changes going on inside when it comes to the hormones.

As for not going to your mom, please try not to be mortified because she has be thru this before and will do what she can to sustain you with any question you have as powerfully. She will also feel moral that you can come to her with any question you have.

If you ever involve to talk some more around this please feel free to e-mail or IM me privately any time.
It have noting to do next to masturbation, so don't worry around that.

When you are young your body is still getting used to the full "period" thing, so you can be irregular for years. If you still haven't gotten your second spell by this October tell your mom or a trusted developed so you can go see a doctor :)
i would budge to the doctor.. nothing may b wrong but you should b getting a lil sumtin everymonth after ur first. bring up to date ur mom, she will kno.
Congradulations YOUR PREGNANT!! go to any drug store even the 99 cents store and go and get a pregnancy test and see for sure!!

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