Abnormal Papsmear Outcome?

My gf got diagnosed next to having an unexpected papsmear. What are the chances that she will not know how to have kids?

It depends on what cause the errant reading/interpretation.

She should have a repeat pap done. 72 hours prior to it, she should NOT own sex, she should NOT douche (not that she ever should), and she should NOT be within 7 days of her term either course. These things are notorious for cause misinterpretations of pap smears.

Should the next pap come pay for with anomalies as resourcefully, then she will be sent out for a colposcope; they will filch biopsies of any questionable areas. Depending upon the results of the biopsies and how invasive her particular type of dysplasia is (IF she have it at all), she will then be treated appropriately.

However, if her condition is mild to moderate then she should own NO fertility issues in the adjectives. Moderate to severe could mean difficulty to complete infertility, but individual time, determination and end result of treatment will dictate these things.

11 years ago, I be diagnosed with cervical cancer, have a full course of treatment, and today am perfectly robust...AND I could still have children if I looked-for to (though at 40, I don't want to!). So it really depends upon her treatment and how advanced her case is...IF she have any condition to be concerned with surrounded by the first place.

First step though is to make sure she follows up next to ALL treatment, including follow-up paps after any surgical treatment is performed.

Good luck.
It is not clear what the abnormality is. There is possibility of have kids in several cases. Good luck!
It will depend on what is causing the abnormality. The foundation I say to be exact because although the pap smear is meant to peak for cervical cancer or pre-cerivcal cancer sometimes the test can show up deviant because of infection of the cervix too (I've had this develop several times). If it is just an infection the dr will present her an antibiotic to clear up the problem.

If it is abnormal because of pre-cancerous issues or cancerous issues the treatment can ebb and flow. The only style to know for sure is to have her articulate to her dr to see what they say.
Many women experience atypical pap smears at some point in their energy and still have children well. It really depends on what is causing the abnormality. She should get hold of a repeat test and next, depending on those results, a biopsy/colposcopy which can give further information.

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