A few girl question..?

Quite a few,
I had my first Pap Smear today and i needed to know if this stuff was commonplace; (also i had a Gardasil shot)
I'm getting really fruitless stomach cramps
My arm's really limp and a short time sore
and she put lubricant AFTER doing everything else

Also she told me i have to lurk until the sunday after my period starts to start taking the birth control pills, but i with the sole purpose get period maybe once every 5-6 months. she said call upon her in a month and we can force it on, does that anticipate she'll probably just narrate me to start taking them?
And she said i have to pilfer them for a full month for them to become effective, but i maintain hearing that it really solitary takes a week?
Anything anybody can relay me about Orthotrycycline (regular, not low) would be dutiful.
Another thing is my mom be the one that took me to get birth control, but i don't want to rely on that single.
I'm not worried about STDs, but how do i ask my mom to buy me condoms? And lubricant i guess, she said i'd call for it but im scared to ask

First stale: follow your doctor's orders! Every medication and every party is different, so just because you "hear something" doesn't mean it applies to you. Definitely do what she say (waiting a month, etc) and trust that she knows what she's discussion about.

About condoms--why can't you a moment ago buy them yourself? Are their age restrictions where you live, or something unusual like that? If you do want to ask your mom, just bring up the birth control and inform her that you don't want to just rely on that, you want extra protection, etc. She'll be proud of you for wanting to be safer. As for lubricant...if she told you that you'd call for it (I'm not sure if "she" in this crust if your mother or your doctor) then you can only bring that up, right? Like, "I've been told that I requirement it, so will you buy it for me?"
wow u have vagoo problems...
You poor entry! First, calm down. Tell mom to filch you back to the doctor and kind doctor explain everthing over and over until you understand it. Ask the doctor for condomns. It will give somebody a lift a month for the pill to be fully effective.
Follow the Dr's instructions! If you reflect on shouldn't be worried about STD's, you don't call for to be having sex at adjectives! There is so many STD's out near, some that if left untreated can sign out you sterile, some that never go away (herpes is forever), some that can front to cancer (Gardasil only protects someone from 3 of masses STD's out there that can head to cervical cancer) and some that will kill you (HIV/AIDS).

Buy the condoms and lubricant yourself. If you are feeble enough to be have sex, then you are outdated enough to hold the responsibility that comes with it : birth control, protection and any other goodies that come near it.
first, are you sure she didn't lubricate the speculum? It would be highly unusual for a vaginal exam in need a lubricant. It does take a full month for the birth control to be up to par on efficay...I wouldn't push my luck. Also, if you are sexually stirring to not worry going on for STDs is very foolish. Use a condom surrounded by addition to the BC pills and you should know how to get those from the robustness department free of charge or very cheaply at the pharmacy or a place resembling Walmart. If you are old adequate to have sex, you are mature enough to bear responsibility for preventing STDs and pregnancy neither one of which is cheap, especially children! Lubricant can also be purchased at the same places; only make sure you gain suitable lubricant, not a perfumy, oily one which will confer on you prone to infections. Gardasil will only protect you against abiding HPVs, nothing else and you will necessitate three of them to be fully innoculated (your arm soreness is minor and will go away). Already you are making noise like you are not taking charge of your condition and your body as in not wanting to dawdle but a week.that's dangerous and can hold consequences of a lifetime. Enjoy your body but do it on YOUR terms, not your partner's or anyone else's! Listen to your MD

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