Y do i get the impression resembling im taking crazy pills?

for some reason i cant stop stressing out. Im other worried about something here are my worries, did my cat find hit by a car, is he lying, is everything going to turn out ok, will we stay together im only a freakin worry wart right immediately and thats NOT me. i feel similar to its the birth control (yasmin) but i dont know. HELP

Birth control can "mess" with the neurotransmitters contained by your brain..one side effect is depression. A lot of times people who seem to be to have anxiety or frenzy disorders (which it sounds like that may be what you are experiencing) also suffer from depression a bit. I focus it is worth talking to the doctor nearly. There are so many different types of BCP's out in that...maybe you entail to change to something different especially if these inner health came on after starting the pill.
There is a possibility that the birth control could manufacture you feel that bearing. Call your GYN.

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