After s e x ...?

My sister and I are extremely close, she is older than me, and freshly started having sex. She looked-for me to ask a question around after she has sex.

When she go to the bathroom she hurts really bad. She scream because it hurts so bad...Why does it hurt really desperate?

If it's only burning after sex than it's freshly because she's not lubricated enough. She any needs more foreplay, especially oral sex or she wants to use lube. Either KY Jelly or Astroglide will do.
If it continues to burn more than a few hours after she has sex she could own a UTI. She will need to see a doctor to find antibiotics. There is no other way to treat a UTI.
It may be she is have intercourse before she is properly lubricated and the hardened action is rubbing her untreated. Urinating will really burn...badly! Since you weren't specific roughly the type of pain and type of sex she is have, it's hard to really answer and attain it right.
She has a urinary tract infection. Tell her to drink lots of marine and cranberry juice. It should be in motion away on it's own.
she has a urinary tract infection. try vagisil and don
't own sex for a few days...
I would bet anything that she's not properly lubricated during sex. Tell her to try some KY Jelly or extra foreplay.
mayb she has a std
Maybe it is because her boyfriend give an infection to her.Also,if she has sex minus being plenty lubricated,she may hurts.Or maybe it is because she a moment ago started having sex.The best entity is ti go to a doctor.
Dont listen to the STD comment cuz thats not true she have a UTI she can buy some pure cranbary juice and that should support it.

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