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im getting my monthly "annoyance" as i call it.. and im going to florida within a few days. by the time i go.. it will be moderately frothy.. not to heavy not too neutral.. so .. if i go swimming . can i wear a wipe with no wing with my bathing suit..i dont similar to tampons so i wont wear them

you can but theyll expand like a diaper. if you wont try tampons try a diva cup. pad in river dont work. and its unlikely a sharks going to attack you, people freak out more or less the stupidest things. and isnt true that your period stops surrounded by water, a bit it disperses the blood and its harder to see.
the pad isn't gonna hold anything once you get contained by the pool- it'll feel even MORE Like a diaper and it'll show
u may want to wear a towel around waist also or a long reservoir top or t-shirt
if you take birth control, try skipping the placebos and step straight into your next round of pills. (the placebos are typically the last week) this should engineer you skip your annoyance
i would never trust a pad when swimming but some ethnic group do wear them
if you do plan on going swimming and are going to wear a pad, do not run swimming in stretch out water
No pad in the pool. It will bloat.

You should only just try and use a junior size tampon. They are smaller and very comfortable, you can't even have a feeling it.

I have a incredibly narrow vagina so it works suitable for me. I used to be grossed out but I change it markedly often and its really not so impossible.
you can wear a pad surrounded by the water, in need wings logically, but pads asborb the dampen, and blow up. this may cause others to see it. you say-so you don't like tampons, but that may be the best resort.
otherwise, most citizens say your time of year stops in the wet, or slows down atleast. if its really light, you might not necessitate anything. or even a pantiliner.
Ew, no. The water will be soaked into the wad and not the menstrual flow.

Wear a light absorbency tampon.

Do you really want blood running down your leg when you capture out of the water?
powerfully first of all.. i cogitate i wil never swim around people again! i hope you are not planning to shift in a hotel pool or anything! gross! use atamp[on! pad are gross in the first place! agree to alone in dampen! dont you understand how they work? saturate your simk w/ water and put it within the water and consequently see what happens when you put more on it! i.e. just gross if you are goiungto swim w/ other poel eand surrounded by a pool and jsut let it step everywhwere by not using a tampon! yuck!
If you won't wear a tampon I suggest that you don't swim

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