24 weeks pregnant - my belly get bigger when i orgasm?

It seems when ever I orgasm my belly get "bigger" or my baby moves up, towards my belly button?

I know this is a totally chance thing to ask, and it doesn't get the impression "bad" or dangerous.. But does anyone know why it happen?

My pregnant friend said the same entry happened to her...

It's fine and everyday occurence,it is your muscles contracting during orgasm ,bubs is getting a free ride..enjoy
if your not surrounded by pain that i wouldnt verbs
atleast your haveing orgasm's i haven't had one surrounded by 6 months!
Thanks for sharing your most private and intimate thing to the unbroken world. Why you feel we adjectives need to know that I do not know, lol.
When you enjoy an orgasm your belly's not getting bigger. It just seem like it!
Your uterus is contracting when you orgasm. It feel hard to the touch, right?
Baby is FINE. Just the harden of the uterus kinda squishes the fluid to one side and baby go with it!

Happy pregnancy!
P.S. Enjoy your big O! Go girl!
Hi There,
It's in great amounts clear that the baby feel this in r body & unambiguously like what he/she feel. Not going into chemistry, but
eg. if r hungry, dido for baby, if u have a feeling heart burn, dido for baby, if u internally quality good, dido for babe.
Please play soft music for Baby, they similar to that the sence of harmony contained by there adjectives alone & read to baby, u may hold an Wizard when he/she's born, they hear you!
LOL, Diana D

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