1st point vagina prolapse. anyone have experience how to treat it?

4 months after my baby be born I was confirmed by my doctor that I enjoy 1st degree vagina prolapse. I can see the red untouched thing at the vent of my vagina. I was told to do pelvic floor exercises to keep hold of it under control and be told there's nothing more I can do nearly it unless when I get older they can do an operation.

Has anyone been at hand and any advice apart from that?

Kegles will strengthen an raise the situation.

Sitting or laying down, clutch the vaginal muscles as tightly as possible. Do it in the region of 10 times several times a day.
It will strengthen the vagina and facilitate hold the bladder up in place . And sex will be much better.

When you first start it is in reality harder than you think.
Have you be doing Kegel's? Should have started you the light of day after delivery.
Don't do it on the toilet - do it lying down, several times a daytime. Practice clenching [ trying to shut ] your urethra [ pee hole ], then vagina, afterwards rectum. Hold each for a count of ten, and try to do respectively one at least ten times, three times a time.
Lose weight if you are outside wonderful, and avoid heavy lifting [ furniture ].
There are surgeries available for this, but they don't usually do them until you are done have kids [ it can re-occur ].
Go see a surgical gynecologist after you're done having kids.
Well as a womanly all my go I never heard of 1st level vaginal prolapse. When I was a youth me and my other girl friends compared our things and I was the single one with the smallest amount. I had one friend that be so big down ther that we called her the almost guy, but she be all womanly. I still feel approaching a manequin because mines is so little. You should be proud of that. You are blessed with an extra that no females own.

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