36 weeks beside fibroid tumors-Will I craft it to 40 weeks?

My little girl has turned, I found out at the Dr Appt today. I am measure 51 weeks because of the fibroids but everyone keeps looking at me and saw that I am not going to make it. I am really tired of the negativieyt. What can I do to product her stay in in that until July 24th (my due date) and prove everyone wrong.

Hi, I have same situation approaching you! I'm 28 weeks pregnant but my uterus is as big as 36 weeks pregnancy because of many fibroids. I look really big and everyone looks at me surprisingly.
My doctor said I should bear the surgery when my baby is 36 weeks pregnant but if I don't hold any problem then I may gross until my due date, September 15th.
In my case the problem is I have a surgery to remove many fibroids surrounded by 2005 and the doctor had to cut some sector of the uterus. So my uterus is smaller and weaker because of the surgery. Moreover the fibroids grew again in short time. So I may enjoy to take the surgery to hand over birth of the baby 1 month beforehand the due date.
If you dont have any problem other afterwards huge tummy you can make it to 40 weeks.
I will you all the best, need me luck too.
You very in good health might make it.but don't be too dissapointed if you don't. Your little one is very soon well prepared to be surrounded by the world. The only entry I can really recommend is bed rest...but there's no guarantee even with that. You're doing comparatively well to formulate it full term, congrats!
What can I do to sort her stay in here until July 24th
That is so cute. But she will come whenever SHE is ready.
lay down next to feet up on pillows
produce hubby do all the work
right luck
Rest alot, do what your body is telling you to do. If you want to sleep then sleep if you want to eat after eat - listen to your body.
Be positive and see what happen, if she comes early after it because she needs to.
Good luck and stay positive
Eat more cabbage beside vinegar, it may dissolve the tumors.
Eat saurkraut also.
Stay positive, deep breathing thru snout , out mouth.
Rub back of chief also for strength...http://www.reflexology.com
Stop paying attention to other relatives and their negative thoughts and purely isten to your Docter. His/Her advice is adjectives that counts. Plenty of women have fibroids and hold healthy babies.and God forbid it, but if your tot arrived this week it would still have an excellent accidental of survival. So stay calm and relaxed. your babe-in-arms will be fine and will come into this world when they are good and geared up.

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