A debate give or take a few women's nipples?

Help settle a debate, do women realize when their nipples are hard and showing through clothing? Do you soak up it when it happens?

I don't know if it vary from woman to woman, but for me, I am not usually aware of it. In fact, I'm never aware of it unless I see myself surrounded by a mirror. Since I am not aware of it, obviously I am not enjoy it in a physical sense, and no, I don't wallow in people seeing me beside my headlights on, either.
yes i love when it happen. especially when its my gfs. it turns me on soooo much. i just enjoy to kiss her!
I hate when it happen to me. I always identify it and try and hold something over my chest. When it happens to other folks I am always wondering if they know. I focus it is kind of mortifying.
Yeah.. They say they know that but they only wouldn't mind.. Not really enjoy... I even have a feeling a bit uncomfy because i think the girl's making the moment horny... Showing through or not, it's a short time ago fine..i think..
i never know when my nipples are not easy my man is the one that notices them sticking out. and no i dont soak up it b/c i have no opinion when they get rock-hard and i hate when females show within nipples through there shirts. THATS NASTY
I don't ruminate women know when know when it happens unless she's human being aroused, other than sometimes external stimulus cause this or just a bra that's too skeletal. I don't believe any woman enjoys "pinging" as my wife call it when she's just out and almost because you know how us men are lol! Just my 2 cents on this matter bro.

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