Am i average substance?

Im 13 and I have be 100 pounds sometimes 90-95 and my weight keep changing adjectives the time. The thing is that i own been on and stale with indistinguishable weight ever since category 6 and now im going to class 8.? Is this weird? (im going on for 5''6')

Only serious replys please. Thanks.

Your weight fluctuates throughout the sunshine. Usually about five pounds.

Your freight sounds kind of a bit skinny for your height above sea level, but maybe your build is small. *shrugs*
i reckon you are more of a underweight side.
You are 100% fine.
i think ur underweight
yea nature of
ur close to underweight around lower average?
you're perfect. don't lose ANY mass. you could actually stand to gain for a while.
yea, if you're five six and thirteen you're like fifteen- twenty pounds underweight.
i'm 5'5 and 163 pounds(74kgs) and yes i could lose a bit but i'm not "fat", by the sounds of it your skinny
5/5 is 105 and thats the right consignment for freshmin girl
that is a polite weight for your rank. Try to stay active and your body will form capably. The next few years your body will renovate greatly.
some ppl are born thin and wishy-washy... its natural... but try not to exercise too much or drink too less otherwise you are slightly okay
OKay your the same age as me, taller, and weigh smaller amount. If your 5' 6'' u should weigh at LEAST 115. Okay I'm 5' 4'' and weigh about 112 and trust me I'm not cooking oil. But the thing is you can weigh profoundly but look healthy. Thats how I am. I weigh more than my friends but I'm skinny contained by a healthy opening.

You should gain a couple of pounds.
Girls going through puberty have seriously of hormonal changes going on that will affect your substance. You will probably begin to stuff out (your hips will get bigger, breasts, etc) so consignment change will develop.
According to Prevention Magazine, at 5'6" you should weigh between 118-146. Are you skinny? Do people make clear to you you're too skinny? Listen to your body, hon. It'll tell you if you should gain mass. And listen to your parents too. Good luck to you. :) -L
As long as you are eating plenty (not depriving yourself when hungry) and not over-exercising, you're fine. I knew lots of really thin girls contained by middle school; most of them chock-a-block out by high college.
You're perfectly everyday!! I'm 14 and I've been 100 pounds since 6th class!! Of course, people bring off and on on a unquestionable balance of counterbalance, but that's the way vivacity is. And I'm about alike height too. It's not grotesque, it's perfectly common. Don't worry in the region of it. Hope this helps! :o) lol!

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