i always masturbate like way [[fingering]] and presently i dont get the elation anymore--what can i do to make it come rear? what other wasys should i try

Have you tried a vibrator?

Q: Why do women need men?
A: Because vibrators can't mow the meadow.
i can't orgasm by fingering. i like clit stimulation. www.clitical.com tell hundreds of techniques for women. i other need clit stimulation to bring me to orgasm (like most women) and i any go within my hot tub with the jet or use a vibrator on my clit... ahhhh
Don't masterbate until you can't stand not doing it anymore. Most girls always want what they can't own!!

And if that doesn't work, buy a vibrator or a dildo. Make it pretty with rhinestones!! hehe.

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