((GASP!))) Was this her term?

Last night, my daughter be changing near me, and I noticed DARK DARK brown on her underwear. Obviously, the first interview, was "Did you poop today?". She said no, and I said "Well, I reflect you may have gotten your first length, honey." Was it her period? This morning, here was nought on her pad. Was it the length!?

Yes, it sounds like she have her period. I remember when I first get mine, it was VERY dismal brown at first and didn't really look much like blood at adjectives. It was also massively irregular, for the first eight months or so before my cycle settled down - and I could be bleeding strictly heavily one day and really nothing the subsequent. Also, remember that the flow slows down in the evening within most people, so it's not unusual to hold nothing on the wad in the morning. If you enjoy any concerns, definitely see your doctor, but this sounds majority to me.
it should be her period.
it could hold been, how frail is she?

i noticed on my first length it bled during the day, and at darkness it stopped and didnt resume until 8 or 9 in the morning. loaf a couple days to be sure.
Probably. When it first starts it is somewhat irregular. Could also be a bladder infection or anal tear
If it be dark shadows brown then no. It may be on the approach though. However, usually in the morning at hand is nothing on mine any. This is because your not standing up or running around as much. I would say preserve an eye on it but it shouldn't be it.
yes. it prabably was. the first few times of her time may seem irregular because her body it adjust to the changes so for the subsequent 6 days she might juss want to wear a panty liner.
hmm. i think so ? all right, if in a few days time her length has not come out afterwards, go see a doctor. dont verbs okay... relax (: & how old be she ? the period can come at the age from 9 i reason.
it could have be or maybe she ripped her hpyhem
sometimes that happen, its just a one sour, its the way a womans body get ready for a spell she probably wont start her periods all the same or up to a couple of monts a similar incident may occurr again its just her body getting set

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