Best birth control?

I am a 25 y/o female... used Ortho-Tri for a few years, but it made me really wild and mean, plus took away my sex drive. I hold an IUD right now but am looking to grasp it removed. I am 25/non-smoker

hmm. this may be a smart-a@@ remark but no sex is the best birth control but... you can also use the sponge, it works fairly very well.
I asked this same question and women told me that every party is different. What might work good for them could be horrible for someone else. My doctor give me Loestrin24fe. I haven't started it yet wreak I have to hang around for my next time. My friend is on it and she says it's great for her time. My friend tried the nuva ring too...I dunno why she stopped it but I think while she used it it be good.
condoms and/or nuva ring
I be kind of partial to the Depo shot, although the immensity gain made me come off it.

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