I other bleed when i shave my bikini nouns!!?

everytime i shave down there i bleed and its so annoyin!! iv tried veet fuzz removal, that stuff useless. iv tried using a differant razor everytime, that doesnt work! also everytime i shave, which is give or take a few once a week, it grows back stubbily withing 24 hours. i want to wax but iv be told it kills! does it hurt and are the home wax kits any obedient? i wouldnt have the guts to dance and get it professionally done! xx

Answers:    Try the Intuition blade if you havent already. If you have later maybe you should stop shaving and consent to the area treat. Once everything is back to usual wax it - it only hurts for a lil while and you procure used to it..

Really though - don't shave right now until it heal. If the condition persists too feebly go see your OBGYN.
your probably shaving to firm

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