After a girl loses her virginity, is it run of the mill to pee blood?

I dont think i get an STD at all, my boyfriend is verbs, and so am I but, for the 3 days after i lost it, i've been peeing blood and have pain while peeing.

No it's not conventional to pee blood. It's normal to bleed (like spotting from your period), but what you're describing sounds resembling a UTI (urinary tract infection) to me. Sex can cause a UTI (they can be really painful and uncomfortable), especially contained by women. I would see you doc ASAP. He/she will prescribe an anti-biotic for you to take to bring rid of the infection and will give you something to find rid of the discomfort.
There are also tests (sort of similar to a pregnancy test) that you can buy from a supermarket or drug store that can tell you if you hold a UTI but they tend to be expensive. It's probably just easier and faster to budge right to your doctor.
Good luck!
I dont really think this is common. Go see a doc.
NO! dont lose it AHHH!! yeah its normal.. sometimes.. take it checked if it happends for 2 more days.
No, this should not be. You nay have an urinary trac infection. You stipulation to see the doctor ASAP.
Once blood is visible you should not hitch.
it may be blood in the vagina that comes out near urine, if it is still bright red and not a tinge you should go to your dr, it may be a urinary infection that may raison d`¨ētre blood in the urine, it wont travel away without meds, but check it out to be sure
are you sure you are peeing the blood or is it from mortal ripped down there? if it hurts while peeing it's any because you ripped or maybe you get a bladder infection! Or maybe a better opinion is you should go to your dr and find out.
Go to the Dr. You could enjoy a UTI, (bladder infection), which can become worse until you get treated.
After a girl loses her virginity, it is majority to bleed a little from the vaginal nouns, since tissue tends to rupture the first time you have intercourse.
However, blood contained by the urine is more a symptom of something going on with your urinary tract. If you also enjoy pain, pressure, and touch an urgency to go to the bathroom consequently you most likely hold a urinary tract infection. It is pretty common within women because it is easy for germs to get caught within our longer urinary tracts.
Even if you don't think you own an STD, it would also be wise to go and get checked out just surrounded by case. I would see a doctor give or take a few your symptoms if they do not go away inwardly the next 24 hours, since he/she can prescribe antibiotics if it is indeed a urinary tract infection.
You should travel to the doctor. You might have a UTI.
how much blood and are you sure it's IN the urine?

It could of late be a bit of blood from your vagina, but if there is closely of it still or you are sure it's in the urine it could be amazingly serious.
If it's not a lot and it's comign from your vagina you could be allergic to spermicide, i get that myself and if i use a condom with spermicide on it, or another spermicidal product it hurts afterwards abundantly and i often bleed so i don't use them.
No, no no no no. It is not regular. You probably have a urinary tract infection, which will require antibiotics to cure. Some doctors refer to this as 'honeymoon cystitis' because it's a adjectives issue after sex for some women.
First of all, you do entail to go to the doctor... but it sounds close to a couple of different things may be going on here...

When a girl has intercourse for the terribly first time, she is going to bleed, this is caused from the breaking of the hymen. This is a one time entity, very similar to your length, but much more watery, and usually last a few hours to a day.

Also adjectives to newly sexually involved women are Urinary Tract Infections, which may produce blood, but more commonly, discomfort when urinating. It is important you see a doctor almost this. Drink lots of water and/ or cranberry liquid. Something you can do to help prevent adjectives problems is, make sure you use the bathroom after you own intercourse. This flushes the uterine tract of bacteria that may enjoy entered during intercourse.
Good Luck!

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