1 of my boobs is bigger than the other and i want to catch an entrench surrounded by the small 1 but my bf doesnt want me 2?

With most of the female population, one breast is larger than the other. If it bothers you own the surgery done. This is your decision, not your boyfriends, he may be gone tomorrow, but you own to live with your breasts. Good Luck!
is it that conspicuous because i think every woman have one breast thats bigger than the other. Or at least I do. If its not obvious to other people, I dont give attention to you should get an set in. But if it is, try other options similar to bra chioces, shirts, etc. that will reduce the appearance of it.
I'm a 23 year outdated female, I started as a 34A..or smaller..and I stumbled upon bravabreasts.com, I emailed the girl and in fact got her to lower her innovative asking price, so that was great! I wore the system for 6 months, almost everyday for perchance 30-45 minutes each time. I terminated up gaining an entire cup size, which for me, be seriously an answer to my prayers! I've ALWAYS wanted a bigger chest, and I finally get it. I'm satisfied! I guess I wouldnt mind going slightly bigger, but I'm a small girl, so it might look out of the ordinary. Anyways, I really think anyone should endow with it a go...it's cheaper than the genuine Brava and better and safer than surgery! Also, you can do one breast to make it as big as your other. And very soon, since I got such apt results, I'm a seller of these machines as resourcefully...hence the name. :o) You should make available it a try before you risk your life span with surgery or creams, etc.

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