A examine for the women?

I have not long had another yeast infection; very well I am pretty sure i know why i had it, because in the order of 2 weeks ago i was taking antibiotics because i be real sick next to tonsillitis . And it was the solitary best way to cure my tonsils infection. And very soon i developed a yeast infection that i am currently taking medicine for, economically my question is i still haven't have my cycle for this month , does this have anything to do beside my yeast infection that my period is past due?
And I am sexually active but i use protection, no birthcontrol.

Being sick & taking drugs can affect your cycle but to skip a month seem like long time.
I would take an OTC pregnancy test to rule out your not pregnant.
Sometimes when you are sick your interval gets sour track. Wait a few more days but then lift a test or check next to your doctor, just surrounded by case.

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