16 days unpaid for term, ominous discharge. Pregnant?

I've not had sex however I own done things which may give me the tiniest hit and miss of being pregnant, but I denote it's like lower than 1% chance. I'm 16 days behind schedule for my period, a few days back my period be due I was rather ill. Could that be the motivation or have I purely skipped this period. Being pregnant would be a really really discouraging thing for me right presently so please tell me it doesn't nouns like I am. I've read that society get slight blood spots when they're pregnant - I haven't have this but I have have a strange kind of foggy discharge which is what I get up to that time my period... but I've be having it for something like a week now. What's scheduled with my body?

You stipulation to see a doctor to be sure. Your local health clinic should do a free pregnancy testing.
i think your pregnant, see a doctor
cant be pregnant if you havent have sex unless your names mary, but merely out of curiosity , what other things u done?
ok. first obviosly, if ur asking is becasue ur having sex.. but that looks similar to a sigh of pregnancy. take an otc audition if is neg. then step to a doctor just to be sure.is within any other thing ur premonition?..like swollen breasts, or headache in the tummy as if ur period desires to come or anythinglike that?. best luck to you!!
Periods can be late due to stress!! surgery, sickness, up-coming tests-ect can all inflict a period to flucuate. Are your period monthly- every 28 days or so? You can figure you ovulate app 14 days earlier that time. A dark discharge is usually antediluvian blood-when pregnant-about 10 days or so after period is late-a bright red discharge can happen-usually spotty-and the egg cell is implant into the side of the uterus. Early signs of preg-missed period, nausea or loss of appitite, breast discomfort, needing to urinate frequently can also be attributed to other things. Get an over the counter preg oral exam. but the ongoing dark discharge could be an hasty sign of hormonal imbalance. You might want to see your gyn or NP. Any disorientation? That sickness you had-is it a relapse? check it out!!

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