13 yrs weak...Peiod to be precise 3 months slow!?

i am 13 yrs old and own had my term over a year.Usually my periods are 2-3 weeks belatedly but this tym its been 3 months! Can someone assistance me and say what is wrong??

Hey dont verbs! your young! it happends! it will pocket a few years for you to know your cycle...it tends to alter a lot. Dont verbs, youll get you term soon enough
enjoy you been sexually live if yes, your prego but i'm sure that its just your body figure out the cycle that will work best, maybe its on hold for a while..i dont know though a doctor would be best to ask.
No, It will be peculiar for a while. Unless you are having sex later you may need to verbs but if not you should be fine.
Maybe you should parley to your mom or another woman and ask them about this.
And conceivably they can take you to the doctor so they can check you out and explain what's going on.
If you haven't be sexually active, consequently there is nought to worry almost. The first 2 years of your period are normally very irregular. If you don't become somewhat regular after your second year, you might want to lift a trip to the doctor and see if you need to pocket vitamins or eat in good health to get wager on on track. =)
You may have a hormone lack of correspondence. You need to relay your mother so she can get you to a doctor and you draw from your hormone levels checked beside a blood test.
Sometimes unsettled periods are cause by something you've done to your body on accident. If you dont take your period, or a brown colored discharge, consult your doctor, mom, or anybody that you can trust. It could be a immensely seriouse matter. If you enjoy been sexually involved beside someone, then you could be pregnant.
Nothing is wrong. It's most potential just your body figure out a cycle that will work. Don't worry.
It is run of the mill when you first start your period and own it irregular.

Many young women hold very irregular period the first couple years of menstruating--even skipping some months, until, the system is well-tuned.
Eventually, periods become regular, but even when they do, a missed or delayed period once a year--especially at a stressful time--is considered middle-of-the-road, according to Rarick.

Below is a link for more reading.
First of adjectives, if you've had sex, you stipulation to have a pregnancy audition. SOON! If you haven't had sex, not even once, after you should wait a bit bit longer. Try not to stress over it because stress can cause you to not own your period. I've other had irregular period, ever since I was 11 years infirm, and never had any permanent problems from it. Good luck and try not to worry.

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