?please sustain?

my last interval didn't come. Its been 2 weeks. I dont know why. do u? Im single 12 almost 13. does that give any info?

stress,food dieting and excersize can stop your length from coming but if you have purely started your period your body will involve to adjust causeing you to skip period its common you shouldnt be worried
Ask your mum.
maybe yout time table is varying it happen sometimes!
Have you have sex?
It is normal for you not to own normal cycles. It is nil to be concerned about. If you enjoy any concerns your mom can help.
it could still be irregular.....which mechanism that your period skips around greatly. i had matching problem
it will take a while for it to become on a regular programme. it happened to me formerly so dont worry.
is this only just around the beginning of you starting period?=if so=then they will be screwy and if you have be fooling around see the Dr =best thing to do is hold a talk near your Mom about it
You should particularly talk to your Mom or a doctor just about this. Sometimes this just happen, but sometimes there's a reason bringing up the rear it. Get it checked out-- it's better safe than sorry.
are you sexually helpful? If you are there is other a chance of pregnancy ( i hope you are not you are passageway to young) At your age it is normal not to own regular periods...it will help yourself to awhile for them to regulate and to come on time.apposite luck
if you haven't had sex it's everyday you might just own irregular periods i do and it sucks.:)
Your still a child, you period will often come infrequently. nil to worry just about at your age.
ok..ok.. just claim down. Its probaly mete out your have a misperiod!! every girl once within there natural life have one! unless you kinda fouled around next to a guy but i hope you didnt. So all you requirement to do is just lurk till next month
itz ok be calm down.. and if u can go to the doctor!

<Hope everything works well>
if you are not sexually moving it is OK.if you are sexually active you can cart a pregnancy test. when you first start have your monthlies they are irregular. talk to your mom or even your doctor. your academy nurse should be able to answer a few give somebody the third degree as well. but the best warning will come from your mom or even your grandmother. my grandmother used to give the best warning. good luck and god bless. don't verbs it is OK.
It's really normal when you are childish. The first few years of periods are just about ever "on time".

I started having period when I was 11 but never know when they would come because they were never regular. I go on birth control at 17 just so I would know when I be going to get a extent!

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