After have my little one.?

9 months ago, im still suffering from excruiating lower back, and abdominal throbbing. ive been to my doctors countless times, and they cant suggest anything. Ive also have an internal examination which be unbearably hurting. 6 months ago i had to enjoy a colposcopy as had cancerous cell.
what do you suggest?

its taken a lot of guts to ask this online so please no stupid answers.

Hun, detail your doctor you want a referal to a gyno. Tell him don't ask him, they should have done that anyway because of the +cells, When I have my first baby I have pretty much the same pains as you, they sent me to a gyno & discovered I have a 'tilted' womb, thankfully it be a pretty straightforward minor op & the pain be almost imediately gone.
Good luck & be positive
I really have no suggestions except perhaps getting a second feelings from another doctor.
The thing in the region of seeing doctors is that unless you insist they refer you to a specialist they will often try and fob you sour.
make an appointment at your family circle planning clinic to see the consultant. The consultant I saw at my family planning clinic be excellent and she also did my colposcopy. If you're in agony then it wishes sorting.
hi hun i suggest you keep on at your doc until something is done.its too confident for them to sit there and pat your paw and say near there dear its zilch but to you its is something.
also its worth mentioning to your health guest as she may be able to contact the doc on your behalf to tilt the concerns.
and your midwife as they are suppose to care not basically for baby but for mum as okay.
hope this is of some help and i hope you perceive better soon
well i have this problem it lasted in the order of 3 or 4 months...doctors told me that i carried my baby terribly deep and because i be small figured it didn't give a hand...they said every body's body heals differently after others from pregnancy...its a massive strain on your body and it can take time to restore to health...hang contained by there
Please rush to an oncologist near
your report of colonoscopy.
Delaying will aggrevate the position.
There are four stages of cancer if any.
If one is in first stage, near is a likelihood
of curing next to Gemox or Tarceva.
The oncology has to do other test as
to know wherefrom the cancer started.
It is important for him.
First, be bold and nought will happen to you.
If you are surrounded by Hyderabad, you may visit
Indo American Cancer Hospital and
resarch Centre, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.
Dr. Krishna Vamshi, Dr. PS. Dattatreya will
thieve care of you. They are especially friendly
will never put fear into you.
If you are contained by Chennai, Adayar Cancer Hospital,
Adayar, Chennai is the best.

possibly you should see a different doctor and get a second belief. they never do anything unless you insist that they take behaviour.

hope you get better soon.

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