About the nuva ring?

is it true that it takes a month for it to be decisive??

I use the NuvaRing.. which i love!! And is very convient for me... i be so bitchy when i used bcp... I hated it. I have sex with my boyfriend 7 days after i have in the nuvaring... that be 6 months ago and i am not pregnant. Usually takes 7-10 days to be powerful. Read the label it will articulate that. Good luck with the ring! It's the best piece invented.
Ask your doctor. Check http://www.nuvaring.com/consumer/index.a... for information. I have hear though that almost every method of contraception (besides condoms etc) takes a month or so to whip effect.

I cant tell you for constant though, I couldnt wear the nuvaring because it kept falling out, lol

sorry swty... birth control pill !!
like yasmin:)
I use the patch. It is extremely convenient. It only take a week to become effective.
Yes, it take about a month to be decisive. I wouldn't suggest using the patch. They've had greatly of lawsuits over that lately about women who enjoy had strokes and blood clots because of it. If your birth control pill made you achievement weird, you can narrate your doctor and they can get you a lower hormone species. I was incompetent to use the nuva ring because i wasn't able to place it far satisfactory inside of me to be comfortable. I have a especially shallow opening and it merely didn't go cavernous enough. You can also consider the birth control shot.

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