About missing BCP- Not an "am I pregnant"?

I am on the birth control pill to help regulate my cycle to start TTC and I forgot what the rule was about missing a pill. If I remember correctly you just take two the next day, right? But what if you miss one more than once, Like I forgot to take my pill 3 times, so I had to take 2 pills in one day 3 times this month, so about once a week. Is it still affective, or should I have started a new pack, and if so when (for future reference). Thanks for helping, Just want to know, also completely skipped my period and on a new pack, dollar store test said negative. Thanks for any help, sorry If I am a pain in the ***

No Problem...
Here it goes---If you miss one pill you take it as soon as you remember. Then the next one like normal
If you miss 2 pills, you take 2 that day and 2 the next day, then the rest like normal.
If you miss 3 or more.. just stop and start a new pack with your next period.
Anytime you miss a pill ,,, your period can come early, late or not at all... this is normal... Also, you can ovulate and therefore, get pregnant.
If you are sexually active,, you need to use a backup method (condom) until you start your period. (It is a good idea to use them anyway to prevent STDs)..
If you already had sex and didnt use a condom or it broke etc.. Then you need the morning after pill or Emergency Contraception.. You can get this at the Health Dept, Teen Clinics, gynecologists, your family Dr.. and there was talk that it was going to be over the counter--I am not sure if that has passed yet or not so check with a pharmacist--you can just call and find this out.. Be sure to take them right.. It is usually a one time dose of 2 pills--they are called Plan B...
Dollar store test said neg.. then it is neg.. If your period is like a week or even a few days late then do another pregnancy test-- most effective if you do it with your first pee of the day..
Hope this Helps.. and dont worry you are not a pain! Better to ask and find out than to just go around not knowing! Be glad to help you whenever I can.. And just FYI.. most Teen Centers or Teen Clinics have free services--like pregnancy tests, birth control pills, condoms, Std Services, Yearly checkups with paps... Take advantage of it.. Tax dollars pay for these services.. if there isnt one of those then go the Health dept. They are income based and offer the same services. Great services with well trained people--usually Nurses. Most people dont know about them.. AND.. by law, teens can get contraceptive services confidentially--which means that they cannot tell your parents, friends, teachers, police, etc.. without your (the teens) written consent.. No matter how old you are..

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