Abdominal / rib / wager on dull pain?

I'm wondering if something is really wrong or if I'm just person a wuss. But It hurts pretty bad. I'm have pain contained by my lower abdomin, but I'm also having a spasm from just below my ribs to my belly button more on the right side than the gone. And my back is completely killing me. It started yesterday and last a few hours before it quit. Then I feel great this morning. A little while ago the symptoms started again real desperate and my period hit. I've never have this happen on my spell before. usually my lower belly will ache and quality a little "full". Now, I hold 2 spinal injuries so if I sit certain ways or if I stand too long my pay for kills me. I thought that be what it was. Cause I enjoy a standing job again. But very soon I don't know. Could this be a period piece? That PMS or PMDD thing combined near a back twinge? Or is my friend right saying its a gallbladder article or some kind of kidney entry? Frankly she's scaring me. I drink a great deal of soda and she says that's to blame. :(

I'd put money on it self a gallbladder thing. I few years ago I be hospitalized with gallbladder pains. I couldn't sit, I couldn't stand, I couldn't fiction down, I freaked out so my husband rushed me to the emergency room. They gave me headache killers and told me I have gall stones. They needed me to have surgery, but I found a site online that have a gallbladder cleanse you can do. It's best to do this on the weekend, it takes a couple days, and you requirement constant access to a bathroom. If anything it's good for your kidneys and your gallbladder because it cleans them out. If anything It would permit you know if it was them or not. I'd look up a kidney/gallbladder cleanse.
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