Am i going on for to start my spell?

I'm 13, about 5', 90 lbs, and a 34 a or aa, if that help. Well, I've been have what i think are cramps adjectives day, my stomach will hurt for almost an hour just below my bellybutton (not badly) and consequently it'll just stop... also i get the impression unable to excercise (im immensely athletic). My zits suddenly cleared up, without restrictive, and I'm getting discharge again (it had stopped for a while). Please facilitate, am i going to start? im going on travel tomorrow and i dont want to get it on the plane!

I enjoy no idea if you're going to start it! But I do know that if your body is getting arranged to start your period, the evolution in pressure and altitude will start it right away. Take a wipe or tampon or both, or several of both with you only just in casing. tylonal, advil, or midol wouldn't be a bad packing concept either.
With the information u give me, it sounds like u are just about to start. I was 10 yrs. weak when I first started my period, I didn't enjoy cramps, I just go to the bathroom, and saw red in my urine. I am 12 very soon.
Wear a panty liner while you're traveling...better safe than sorry, honey
Sounds close to it to me too. I started at 9 yrs old and have the worst cramps (I didnt know what they were vertebrae then though) roughly a month before mitt. Then in the 7 days foremost up to it I also had the cramps that you are presenting near. The discharge is absolutely regular as it is getting ready to start bleeding.

My direction is to take some tampons/ pad with you on the plane of late incase you do get them but dont be alarmed as you are very soon turning into a woman :)
Have a good one
Don't madness. I was lucky I didn't obtain mine untill I was 14. Is your stomach a touch bigger than usual? If so than that can mean your bloated. Just embezzle it easy and pass some sanitary stuff in your purse so you can be prepared. And chat to your mom, she should know how to help.
resourcefully get some pad just incase basis if u do u start u will haft to have some if not . Ur at the age and u usually start when Ur at least 100lbs but immediately that Ur 13 that doesn't matter. you really don't know but the cramps are a sign conceivably in 3 weeks who know .and make sure to enjoy some Advil if u do. don't worry it is no big operation u just haft to return with used to it.i was 11 when i started and it be over winter break so it better that starting during school but very soon I'm 15 and its no biggie
First, calm down. If you start you can be prepared. It sounds close to you just may be arranged so it's time to get any a pad or tampon, whichever you have a feeling most comfortable with.

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