Am 26 yrs hoary married womanly. my husband requirements to see me pee at dark.process contained by the toilet. what should i do. s

Do it! it's harmless. Your husband have never seen you pee?!?!

It's a fetish for lots people. It's non-hazardous, just do it.
whoa!! my fiance's requirements the same entry!! i have no view, i get kinda awkward. of late try to do it once and if you don't like it, afterwards tell him. you don't hold to listen to anyone if you don't want to.
WTF?!! What would be the purpose?? I get stage fright!!
Even next to his back turned!!
Thats a abnormal fantasy. When I am using the restroom, I don't want an audience. I would relate him that you would rather hold your privacy when in near and ask him to respect that.
Try it once to see if you like. If you don't, communicate your husband that you don't like it (be sure to own a reason ex: I discern subconscious...). Obviously, if you do (or don't really care) then hold doing it.
take a piss contained by front of him and show him theres nothing fantastic or special around a woman taking a leak.. although its kinda chance that he wants to see you pee.possibly he should see a doctor?
i say do it.when i used the restroom...i never closed the door..i tight why.. he see's u naked...u prolly own sex... i mean my fiance...doesnt purely stare at me..but i could be peeing..and he walk within and just start conversation to me...or his in the shower and i will dance pee...he does that same..i could be brushing my hair..and he will meander in and pee.i guess we are only open..if u dont resembling it or dont feel comfortable...make clear to him the truth... dont do something u dont want to...i found that out the hard bearing!!
Your married what is the problem? So he wants to keep watch on while you pee no big deal! You see respectively other naked and hold sex so what does it matter if he see you go pee? My boyfriend have seen me pee and I enjoy seen him pee and neither one of us panic. Just relax there's nothing peculiar about him watching you BUT if it make you that uncomfortable freshly explain it to him and tell him you would prefer that he dawdle in the other room until you are finished, if you want privacy you are entitled to it.

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