After a gyno appt?

I went to the gyno a few days ago for my majority yearly check up and everything go fine. since then i enjoy been experiencing clear oderless discharge. i hold been asked if i am prego but i have a semi normal interval at the first of the month. (june 30- july5) has anyone else experienced this? and if it would be pregnancy wouldnt it be to rash to test?

There's a blood pregnancy check {HCG Beta Sub-unit} that can detect pregnancy as early as 48 to 72 hours after conception. It's lone done in a clinical lab; you can't do it at home. But you could audition using the First Response Early Pregnancy Test kit at home by the 25th of this month, and achieve a fairly accurate result by next.
It would depend on if it is constant or not. If so then it could be within infection. but not likely if it is odorless and colorless. It is usually your ovulating time surrounded by that case. It will appear as a long string and will solely happen once a month roughly the middle. Women usually have a discharge of som brand or other. If you are sexually turned on by all funds it will be a sign that you are normally excreting a discharge. No obligation to worry.
You could be ovulating. Maybe when you ovulate this thingie comes out. Try not to verbs unless it itches or it smells bad. Give it some days and if you're alarmed then freshly call your doc up and ask. No problem.

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