(Ladies Only Please, Help Me Out! ) Pregnancy & Birth Control Question..?

Okay, just curious! I know that you can own your period and still be pregnant. So, hypothetically, if you catch your period only as normal as you do every month and vote that you are pregnant but unaware, since the regularity of your extent doesn't matter when it comes to pregnancy, within which you continue to transport your birth control pills, how would this affect the possibility that you may be pregnant, unaware of it, and hold no symptoms of yet? Serious answers please, thx surrounded by advance!!

If you're no sure afterwards just get hold of a blood test done and attain it over with. It sucks to enjoy that uncertainty and you stress adjectives out and maybe for nil. Get it done so you don't have to verbs no more.
You're question is a touch confusing, but I'll do my best.

well, i know it's discouraging to take birth control when you are pregnant, but i'm not sure the exact root why. I think it messes beside the lining of your uterus, which could do serious issues for the fetus.

But there are a LOT of women that don't know they're pregnant until they start showing or even subsequent.

If this is your situation right now, or you cogitate it might be, go to the doctor and find a blood test done to see if your pregnant. It's best to kind sure than to not know.

Hope I helped!
Go to the dollar store and buy a home pregnancy question paper. If you don't trust the results, then stir to the doctor. Good luck.
take a pregnancy interview to find out. your body will release a specific hormone if you are pregant. it can be detected in urine and blood

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