8 months postpartm, cramping, no time of year??

I'm 8 months postpartum, and breastfeed. I have not even so gotten my first postpartum period, but own had horrible cramping for nearly a week or two. What is this? Has anyone else experianced something similar?


I had my third child 10 mos ago and have my first period 2 weeks ago. I am also breastfeeding. For a couple of months earlier I actually begin I had some broken up cramping. What you are describing sounds normal. If you are concerned you can phone your ob nurse and talk to her; you can also hold a preg test.
Call your dr. When my Mom go for her 6week check up she was already pregnant again and hadn't have a period but. It's unlikely, but it does happen.
I know that women that breastfeed don't hold their periods while breastfeeding.

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