Am i considered petite?

i'm 15, 5'2 and 120 lbs.

Yes. Unless you don't grow... anymore but your still growing anyone under 5'2 is considered petite {for aldults i think} since your still growing i don't conjecture you are.
Heightwise i'd say yes.. not sure in the order of weight though because i'd influence petite was relatively thin as powerfully.. although you can still buy clothes in the petite sector in any size..
Im 15 and 5'2 as ably!! lol
Yes, anyone is considered petite if you are 5'4" and under, no concern what your weight is.
I wouldn't consider you petite. possibly if you weighed resembling 95 lbs
Yes a healthy 5ft 2.
Only if you consider yourself so. Act the size you want to be. I would provide a lot to be 15, 5'2 and 120 lbs.

I focus the petite clothes in the store would be right for you. I am 5'5 and sometimes they even look good on me.
I'm fifteen and 5ft 1 or 2 poss and everyone is CONSTANTLY making joke about how tiny I am compared to other populace.

So YES you are very petite !

My Mum is 4ft 11 and if I mention this to relatives they seem unbelievably shocked.

I don't know ? Most populace of our age seem to be taller than their parents so I ponder being 5ft 2 immediately is considered smaller than it used to be ! :)

u are definately petite X
yes you are
You are of normal substance for your height. I would consider you small.

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