Abortion and D & C?

I had a D&C done 2 weeks ago...in attendance was just any bleeding or cramping for a week after the procedure. Suddenly the bleeding and cramping returned, with clotting...it have been going on for one week immediately. Is it normal?

The nurse should enjoy informed you of any side effects you might experience. Since you're just not sure, furnish them a call and permit them know what you're experiencing. They may want to see you again and check things out.

You could also try making an appt. with your regular OB/GYN. Just tolerate them know when you had the D&C done.

Hang within there - things will be vertebrae to normal soon satisfactory. Don't listen to the scared voice that try to tell you that your outcome was wrong. They're not YOU.

when you slay a baby yes it's conventional to bleed a little!
You should progress have a check up and see if they get everything out.
Ignore ppl's comments, you live your own life they don't live it, hope adjectives is well
Its sorrowful to see people draw from abortions and infertile women suffer and would do anything to have a infant. thats so sad
hey donts listen to any1 of those comments its your enthusiasm and your choice no1 knows your circumstances. and yes its common but if you are that concerned call your dr and double check.

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