12 years old-fashioned and time of year cross-examine? please answer briskly?

ok heres the deal. i thought i wasnt getting vaginal discharge but i narrowly figured out that that gooey stuff is vaginal discharge. ive have it for a really long time i guess. heres the rest
1. pubic hair: as long as i can remember
2. armpit mane: little tiny bit. barely
3. mood swings: close to crazy these last couple weeks
so do you suppose i could be getting my period soon? i know lots of nation will say "trust me you dont want to get hold of it" but i really do before conservatory starts again. please i really need your oblige fast. oh yeah and also, do you consider my mood swings could be PMS?

Yep, I think you could carry your period soon and what you're experiencing may be PMS. I get mine when I was your age. I be horribly sick the day beforehand it happened though, tons of vomitting and such. I'm sure that doesn't generally happen to most folks though. Oh, and about the tampons, I really wouldn't try using those for rather a while. It can really hurt when you first try to put one in to you.
yes it's slightly possible you have pms and are nearly to get your length.
The same thing is stirring to me! I don't really have any proposal or anything, I'm 12 too, so just relax and when it happen, it happens.
Yeah. Sweety you are fine. only wear a panty liner and keep a tampon or a wad with you at adjectives times. just within case you start.
im 14 and i get mine in close to may.
you know when you get it resembling the day in the past you get HELLA brown discharge and if you own school the subsequent day put a wipe on. and bam.
Hello there. Yes to be precise possible that you get your interval soon. My advise to you is use pad and not tampons. The possibility of getting infected with tampons is soaring. Talk to your mom or any adult woman that you are closed near. You will grow to a nice lady. Don't verbs.
Always/Kotex/Stayfree has a full queue of pads/pantiliners.
You might. there is no track to tell for sure. Some girls obtain discharge for over a year before they capture their periods. Your mood swings could be PMS. Girls can take their first period anywhere from age 10-16+. You'll take it when your body is ready.

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