Why are period so odd?

when i first got my spell at the age of 12 they were on the 17's and very soon im 16 and they are at the 30's... on the past month i didnt enjoy my period at adjectives but on may i had it on the 31...ive have sex but not latley!... is this normal?...
very soon my period is approaching 30 -35 days until i get my time!... o and if my last term was on the 31 when do u ponder ima get my length?

There's really no way to know... Your extent is going to be weird throughout your youthful years. If you want to be able to predict it, return with on birth control (which you should be on anyway if you're having sex). Mine starts every 4th Tuesday of the month lacking fail.
Mine picked it's own days. I even go 4 months when I was just about 14. Mine were never ever right.
Yours might be on different days because near are more or less days contained by the months. You loose 2 days here and gain a day within.
periods can be greatly irregular in youthful teens ... anywhere from 21 to 36 days apart. If it goes longer than that later see the dr. If you start taking the pill (recommended) then your period will be more regular
having sex will throw bad the flow of your cycle. and when goin through teenage years and can ebb and flow like that according to your hormones. u may be developing irregular period which can be normal because some of the days are never alike
Well, periods are amazingly unpredictable, especially if you started up to 6 years ago or just presently. If you've had your length over 6 years and it hasn't started to even up a bit, you should a doctor that specializes in that. (nurse mid-wife...) I lug the pill not for sex, but because the long, heavy or irregular period. The pill evens out your hormones and sets your period on a regular date and make it lighter. I highly recommend them ( Yaz, or if its worse, Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo) About the boobs and support, it probably is just quantity of the package, resembling bloating and such. But, if it worsens or is like that ALL the time, see a specialist. Hope I Helped, Good Luck!

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