After the menstrual length, how long is it nontoxic to own unprotected sex?

I just have a baby and don't want to use any birth control for presently. How do I calculate when is it nontoxic to have unprotected sex?

You are most fertile 14 days after the start of your time and sperm can live for up to 4 days after sex, so you definitely don't want to enjoy sex around 2 weeks after the start of your period dispense and take 4 days up to that time and after. For example, if you started on January 1st, then you are most fertile Jan 15th, you wouldn't want to enjoy sex Jan11-Jan 15 because sperm can live for 4 days, and you wouldn't want to have sex for a few days after Jan 15 freshly in bag your cycle is late surrounded by ovulating. To be honest, it is best to have sex right back your period should inaugurate. If you breastfeed, it stops your periods altogether usually but its never a for sure entity you won't get pregnant. It would abet you be more on the safe side though. Good Luck
lately having a tot, don't you know that it's never "safe"?
I'm afraid there is no such entity as "safe unprotected sex"

Good luck. You'll inevitability it.
It isn't safe to not use something, or you will achieve pregnant again.
take your vaginal warmth regularly. When your temp goes up, you are ovulating.
It is never risk-free to have unprotected sex. If you do, you risk another pregnancy and I guess to be precise your choice to make. Better not dangerous than sorry.
I would not use that to protect you. Even after the days of your menstrual cycle there is a lofty risk of pregnancy.
It's never safe to enjoy unprotected sex unless you are open to have another child and you know that your partner is safe of stds and such.
Use a condom..
There is never a time when you WONT bring back pregnant. There is always a risk no thing what day it is or anything approaching that.
No known time time of year. It's simply safer to be protected. Each woman is different. Some women can't get pregnant again for over a year. With some others, it's right away. Best to use word of warning.
Well it is never safe to own unprotected sex b/c u can get pregnant again and in that are all kind of stds out there. If I'm not wrong i consider 7 days b4 ur period u ovulate & 7 days afterwards as okay
mensuration has nought to do with getting preg't. i know girls who hold got preg't while on the time. have him use protection unless you are arranged to be parents.
First of all you obligation to wait at tiniest 6 weeks to be cleared by you OB. Second it's never safe--always risk of pregnancy. If we knew when it be "safe" to have sex we'd not be the population we are.
its never sheltered to be unprotected.
If you are nursing exclusivly, then you are to some extent safe for something like six months. Unfortunatly, you will not likely be menstruating any, which means you can't use this time to track your cycles. As a "rule" you are fertile for in the region of a week a month. On day 14 of your cycle you ovulate, but you are fertlie for around 4 days before, and 2 days after. Your cycle starts the first hours of daylight of your period. Try a site resembling to track your period when it returns. I am attempting to use the calendar method as very well for birth control, as using hormones is (in my opinion) bad, and I dislike intensely condoms, and am allergic to spermicide, so its my best option!

Don't tolerate everyone get you down, you are not fertile adjectives month, you just own the possibility of being fertile adjectives month. You should take your BBT (basal body temperature) since your temperture spikes the time you ovulate.
whoa, there... "calculations" never work because every woman is different and near are a lot of factor that play a part. I know that everyone is proverb this, but they're right: it's just not a honest idea to own unprotected sex right now.

Look, right after have a baby, your uterus is resembling a clean slate and is REALLY susceptible to reimplantation when you ovulate... that money that your little egg is just baggy out waiting to be fertilized. Not to mention, your cycle is irregular and your hormones will be unpredictable for at least the subsequent 6 months.

If you must go adjectives Free Bird about it... try some of those Vaginal Contraceptive films or spermicide tablets. They won't affect your hormones, but they will bequeath you some level of pregnancy protection.
It is never out of danger to have unprotected sex. If you don't want to use the pill etc. next make sure he uses a condom.
Get a calendar. Mark the days of your time of year. Now mark adjectives the days between the 1st and the 31st that end contained by -DAY. You can get pregnant from unprotected sex on any of the discoloured days. That's right, ALL of them. There is no "safe" time to have unprotected sex. Use a condom, unless you want to be pregnant again.
Just have a baby and don't know that sex, anytime of the cycle you can acquire pregnant?
Did you skip sex ed and health class?

Are you one and only 14?

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