2 period, 1 month, is this regular?

Ok, my periods within the past enjoy been abnormal. But for almost a year now they own came once a month. Yet closing month I had one at the launch of the month and a second period 2 and a partly weeks later. Then nought this month. What is going on? I am 23, and somewhat sexually active beside my boyfriend? I do not believe I am pregnant, and feel completely run of the mill. Just no period, and the together 2 periods second month worries me?! Please help?

You most probably enjoy an hormone imbalance. That could be cause by excessive weight loss , impossible nutrition, too much exercise. If you only put away well and don't exercise for 2 weeks. If you still enjoy problems i reccommend you to talk to your gyn and catch on the bc pill. It is a hormone pill so don't get it minus tellig to your doc!!=)
You need to have a chat to your doc. Generally it's a hormone imbalance that cause irregularities in the timing of your extent. It doesn't have anything to do near being sexually alive or not.
If you are on the pill, then you entail stronger ones. If you are not on the pill then you might own hormone issues and need to take that tested. Usually when you get irregular period they are anovular cycles, meaning no ovulation so the hormone level were not right to product ovulation occur. If this keep happening your uterean bin liner doesn't quite know what to do and you tend to receive extra periods.

This happen to me all through my twenties and it become annoying quite rapid. I ended up getting progesterone pills which I took for 5 or 10 days contained by a row each month on matching days to try and regulate things. Worked for a bit then it didn't.
anytime you own a period closer than 21 days apart, you involve to see your gyno!
if you are worried get on birth control pills to regulate your period

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