#2 after every breakfast time?

i go to the bathroom after every spread, my family say thats not normal. i mull over i asked this question earlier, but is it normal to move about to the bathroom 10-20 minutes after every meal. i'm not conversation diariahh or anything just regular bowel movements. i try to get hold of enough of adjectives my veggies, fruits, dairy, fiber, etc...a well hanging diet. occasionally i will eat something that probley isn't great for me but i do it contained by moderation. i'm heavy and trying to lose solidity and so far what i'm doing is keeping me at the same counterbalance, which i'm not upset about because i'm going to start excercing tommrow. so at smallest i'm not going up. my intital weight loss be 14 pounds and i have kept that rotten thus far. but is it healthy to poo that much? 3-4 times a light of day?

Absolutely normal.. Especially if you devour a good diet... everybody go at different rates and as long as it is not diarrhea and you arent losing fluids when you go after it is fine...as for going right after you eat...as soon as you start chewing..that signals the body to "rev up" the engine for digestion and starts moving things along to receive room
so what your saying is: that you are full of s...t ? lol
I reflect its more abnormal for the family who only poo once a hours of daylight. Your body is fine, your intestines are probably pretty healthy and cleaned out. Also if you are dieting and ingestion well you might find that you poo and pee more because your body is cleansing itself and you are breaking down corpulent cells. Totally usual!

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