3 weeks unpaid?

i am about 3 weeks delayed on my period and i dont know whats wrong?! i am not have sex so i am not pregnant do you know what could be wrong? i have gain some weight latley could that be a factor?

Not to be alarmed, sometimes women's period adjust when something changes. If you start a up to date job, or you're flaccid out with different girls than you usually do, the hormones from other women can set your extent off on a different calendar. I used to work at a jewelry store with adjectives females, and every time one person started it set everybody else's past its sell-by date, too. Or it could just be a evolution in your diet or stress rank. Just don't worry, it will come! (unless you're pregnant)
i honestly don't know, but definetly progress see a doctor, it can't be a great sign...sorry...
are u under any type of stress?
it could enjoy to with counterbalance gain but have u be stressed out a lot lately or anything because it can correction ur cycle.ive skipped so i could be something like that
how long hold you been have your period? it's not extraordinary to skip one or two here and then when you're childish...
you could be stressed but i wouldn't worry because i am 12 and i one and only had my interval once in January and it didn't come put money on since i went to the doctor and they said that my ovaries aren't developed on the other hand. If you just started have your period perchance its the same for you.
if ure not have sex then.. i wouldnt verbs about it.. orrrr you should progress see a doctor.

im shure its nothing serious.

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