I will receive a suppository within hospital subsequent week. I'd to some extent do it myself than havin it done by anyone. But how?

Please give me some direction, I'm 14 and I need to dance to hospital next week. I enjoy never done something like that up to immediately and I don't want somebody else to do it to me.

Answers:    Ok I can tell you how to do it. The nurse will probably update you it is ok as long as she is in the room to back if need be.Make sure that the suppository is lubricated near a jelly lubricant.
You should lay on your left side. using your finger push the suppository up into your rectum as far as it will jump. Usually you will feel it walk past the sphincter ( a muscle that grips surrounded by your rectum) it is best to get it departed that so it doesn't come out without melt. just lay on your vanished side for about 30 mins to spawn sure that it doesn't come out. Do not push like you are have a bowel movement even though you might want to. hold it in as long as you can.
You can contact me on my email address if you hold further questions.
detail them there are near to help and its not as unpromising as u might think

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