About situps?

if i do 120 situps a day for 14 days, will my stomach flatten for a while bit?

Sure, alot actually!
it really depends how much you ate, and drank, so yeah it could.
Apparently, you should never do sit ups.
They don't work that resourcefully, and you end up straining your pay for.

Here's a couple links, but of course in attendance are many more. Also check the library etc.
It definately will not hurt. My experience near sit-ups is that time = success. If you are competent to do 120 every night (which is effortless actually) and make sure they are muscle-concentrated (not big sloppy ones that hurt your back) than you will be successful. But 14 days I construe is not enough to draw from the results most people want. 30 days will definately be plenty to see dramatic results (with the 120 a night).

To get results within 14 days, do 100 crunches instead (these concentrate more on the muscle and are less strainful on your stern and neck). Do 20-30 pushups and 2 minutes of 'the thinker' which is the pushup position (holding it) but on your elbows instead of your hands. That supplementary exercise will help bring some tone contained by that amount of time.

Also, running helps too! Good luck! :-)

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