13 year ols,tampons and fingers?

Im 13 years old and i want to ask my mom to buy some tampons but im too terrified to ask. what should i do? also i have an urge to stick my fingers up "there" is this regular? is there anything else (houseold) i can use?

Tell your mom you have need of money for pads and after go buy tampons beside it. Your vagina is yours to explore. If you want to put your fingers in in that, go right ahead. Just be sure to bath your hands until that time and after!
Stick with your fingers for immediately. You're young and enjoy a long time to explore your body. Household items can be dangerous, and you should acquire used to your body first.

If you feel as if you entail tampons, don't be embarrassed to ask your mom. She's be where you are and will get. You could always buy them yourself, provided that you aren't that mortified. It's a part of growing up, and you'll seize more comfortable with it.
i do that adjectives the time. It kind of feel like a tampon is up near but it moves. just run to the phyciatrist (idk how to spell) and he will help. build sure its a guy. cause afterwards u can have a date for the prom.
Why are you terrified to ask your mom for tampons? No there's nothing else you can use, unless you want to try cotton ball lol. For real though, don't do that. It's not a big concord, just ask your mom. And yes, the desire to stick your fingers contained by 'there' is normal. Just don't walk letting anyone else stick their fingers (or anything else) in nearby.
okay, I'm 13 years old too, what I did be i got alot of positive information something like the use of tampons and which ones to use and why and i showed my mother. After she finished reading the information she called the doctor to sort an appointment the same year and he said that teens could use any type of tampons but the first time we should use the thin ones and my mother took me to the store and i bought them right away it is so comfortable. But when you ask your spawn sure you have satisfactory information to back you up surrounded by why you want to use tampons.

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